Automate Sales and Account Management with PlanProphet – Presented by Lemay Sanchez


Instantly supercharge every part of your business that interacts with customers! PlanProphet fully integrates with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith Vision to provide a world-class customer relationship management experience and automate your shop’s sales, marketing, proofing and billing efforts. About Lemay Sanchez Lemay Sanchez founded PlanProphet in 2018 with a clear mission in mind: to provide […]

Canon’s imagePRESS and PRISMA Solutions for Production Printing


Learn about the latest advancements of imagePRESS and the newest PRISMA workflow and printing solutions from Canon. This includes a new workflow solution designed to streamline the job submission and pre-press process within organizations of your size and imagePRESS/PRISMAsync color control automation advancements.  

The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever! with Bill Farquharson


What’s the best time of day to call someone and get them on the phone? Following Tip #2 will guarantee improvement in your time management. What are the three most important selling months of the year? What’s the best response to, “We already have a vendor”? This presentation delivers on its title with 25 fast-paced, instantly-applicable […]

Confronting Difficult Personnel Issues

No one likes to confront workers over behavior so we usually put it off until we can’t stand it anymore. And then we blow up resulting in a dysfunctional workplace where we look like an old grouch. There is a better way using the four-step SAFE model. SAY it as you see it. ASK what […]

Generate More Leads & Revenue for Your Business – With Konica Minolta and Mindfire


Due to technical difficulties, the first 6 minutes of this presentation was lost. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and have provided the presentation resources below. The video begins on slide 21.  In addition, the contact information for the presenters can be found underneath the embedded video should you have any questions or follow up. […]

Running by the Numbers with Tom Crouser

Tom Crouser has helped hundreds of printers prosper for over 30 years now with a simple, yet effective method to run the business by the numbers. In this session he will go over what those numbers are and how it’s done. You’ll learn ‘What numbers? Where do they come from? What do they mean?” And […]

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