Episode 9 : The Very Special Thanksgiving Podcast : Is it stuffing or dressing? What exactly is cranberry sauce? These hot topics and more are discussed during this entertaining episode. Eight of our previous podcasts guest join us from around the country to talk about their favorite (and not so favorite) Thanksgiving traditions. Listen and enjoy what is sure to be a holiday classic!

Featuring Special Appearances By : Sarah Barr • Chelsie Schmid • Jeremiah Schmid • Marni Smith • Chris Gardner • Wilson Howe • Janel Thomas • Brianne Garner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 8 : Janel and Kurt Thomas : One began as a graphic designer and one has a background in machining. Today, Janel & Kurt Thomas are the proud owners of PNCC in Elko, NV. Listen in as we discuss gold mining, Mormon crickets and all things print! Learn more about Janel, Kurt and PNCC here: https://pnccelko.com/
Episode 7 : Chris Gardner : While Chris has grown up in the printing business, he’s technically not working in it. But even as a process engineer for Microsoft, Chris offers insight to his father, David Gardner and Boyd’s Direct on how to improve efficiencies and profits. Listen as Chris explains his role as VP of BS for Boyd’s Direct.
Episode 6 : Wilson Howe : While not involved in print company ownership, Wilson is definitely a rising star in our industry as he has gone from intern to Asst. Product Manager in 4 short years. Konica Minolta is a proud sponsor of this podcast. Learn more at KonicaMinolta.us.
Episode 5 : Brianne Garner : With its beginnings as a local storage unit facility, The Print Biz has grown to a full-service print and sign business in Fruitland, Idaho. Ind Episode 5 of Forty under 40:00, Brianne tells how a former teacher and dancer is now fully involved in  her family business.
Episode 4 : Chelsie Schmid : After spending over 18 years working nearly every piece of equipment at IntegriPrint, Chelsie Schmid became its owner a little over a year ago. Listen as she takes us on her journey, conquering her biggest fears, while balancing an active family life. All while carrying on the traditions of its founder, Jackie Wurm. Learn more about IntegriPrint and Chelsie by visiting https://integriprint.com/
Episode 3 : Jeremiah Schmid : During this episode we talk with Jeremiah Schmid, marketing manager for IntegriPrint in Buffalo, MN. Listen as Jeremiah discuss how content creation, social media and even AI can impact a printing business. And you’ll enjoy how Jeremiah describes his work/life balance with his boss, and wife, IntegriPrint owner, Chelsie Schmid. Visit https://integriprint.com/ to learn more about Jeremiah and IntegriPrint.
Episode 2 : Marni Smith : In this episode, we talk with Marni Smith of Curry Printing and Copy Center in Baltimore, MD. While her educational journey included Political Science and Art History, Marni is now in business development for Curry Printing. In this role, Marni explains she doesn’t really sell printing, she sells knowledge!

Learn more about Marni and Curry Printing by visiting their website at https://curryprint.com/.

Episode 1 : Sarah Barr : Join us as we talk with Sarah Barr, owner of Konhaus Print and Marketing. Listen as Sarah takes us on her journey from team member to eventual owner of her own company. To learn more about Sarah and Konhaus Print and Marketing, visit https://konhaus.com/.

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