Automate Sales and Account Management with PlanProphet – Presented by Lemay Sanchez


Instantly supercharge every part of your business that interacts with customers! PlanProphet fully integrates with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith Vision to provide a world-class customer relationship management experience and automate your shop’s sales, marketing, proofing and billing efforts. About Lemay Sanchez Lemay Sanchez founded PlanProphet in 2018 with a clear mission in mind: to provide […]

Building Stronger Connections With Your Clients


This webinar will discuss best practices on how you can enhance the overall customer experience to build stronger relationships. Based on the 2021 “Enhancing the Communication Buyer” NAPCO research that was sponsored by Canon USA of several hundred printers and print buyers you will learn what print buyers expect and value and how you compare […]

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