For most business owners, their top priority is keeping their business running. Professional development may seem like a challenge and certainly you’re going to be learning on the job. However, there are significant benefits for continuing education. In fact, it’s vital for your business that you continue to learn and grow throughout your career.

We have expanded our Webinar events in 2022. We now produce 3 a month plus 1 Happy Hour.  The webinars are on the 1st Friday, 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of the month at 2pm EST.  The Happy Hour event is on the 3rd Wednesday from 5pm-7pm EST. The only time an event date will vary will be November and December to avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is another member benefit that is included in the price of your annual full membership. Mark the dates on your calendar now.

The webinar titles below will link to their respective registration pages as they become available.

Past Webinar Recordings

Mitch Evans – M&A


Download the PDF :  Who is Buying Graphics Business today and how are they valued

Brad Kugler – DirectMail2.0


Download the Integrated Direct Mail Deck    



Propelling Your Business Forward PDF

Kevin Lee – Bankcards


   Payment Processing for NPSOA Members



How to save money on your insurance cost! with Bill Schmidt

August 27th

Basic Balance Sheet and Income Statement (Recording)

September 24th

Transitioning to Kids (Registration Link)

October 22nd

Confronting Difficult Personnel Issues

November 19th

Dealing with Family in Business

December 17th

Making it a Real Business

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