Duplo 5000 Bookletmaker

Asking price: $15,000.00
Seller: David Gardner
Preferred Method of Contact: Phone (Voice)
Phone: 617.504.3695
This is a pre-collated sheetfed bookletmaker with two input bins: cover and inside sheets. All settings are digitally controlled with manual micro adjustments. There is a digital slitter/scorer to handle full-bleed booklets. The twin-wire stitcher allows the books to have properly sized staples depending on the thickness. The front edge trimmer completes a finished booket. The trimmer has less than 1 million cycles and I believe the other components have even less but I cannot find the counters. I purchased this refurbished machine 3 years ago for $18,000 and have not used it since we received our KM6100 with a square-fold bookletmaker.

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